Best Digital Learning Platform for Primary & Secondary

Funza is a digital learning platform (with videos, documents, presentations, quizzes etc) brought to you by qualified teachers from accredited schools.

What is Funza?

Funza is an alliance of CloudSchool System and selected partner schools in Kenya. Our goal is to make some meaningful positive impact in education segment by providing quality education content to all primary & secondary students who want to explore, visualize and apply their learning to real life. Our skilled teachers explains concepts in a very detailed and logical manner. Funza provides visual, animated & digital content for CBC,8.4.4 and ACE curriculum as well as Life Skills and Teachers training. This platform helps you to study anytime using any device at your own pace and schedule. It also guides you in areas of weakness and helps you in mastering key concepts at your own pace.

Transform your life through education

Funza is here to equip you with much needed knowledge. Learn at your own pace from experienced teachers in selected schools. Our courses ranges from School Teaching, School Revision, Life Skills, Career Skills among others. We have focused on main gaps in our education system.We serve students in all walks of life in primary and secondary schools. We help you to learn by your self without over-relying on teachers & at your schedule. We are here to help you grow.Funza is a wonderful place to learn!